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Scott Mescudi, popularly known by the stage name Kid Cudi is an performer. Kid Cudi is hip hop recording artist and an actor from Cleveland, Ohio. He is rapper, record producer, a songwriter and guitarist. Kid Cudi has a contract with the Republic Records, and he possesses a record label, Wicked Awesome Records.

The singer gained popularity in 2008, when he published his official full blown mix-tape project called "A Kid Named Cudi".

The mix-tape caught the interest of the American rapper and gained fame and producer, Kanye West who later on made a contract with Cudi for his record label, GOOD Music.

Child's affiliation with Kanye's label, GOOD, was a great success with his individual record, "Day 'n' Nite", getting a breakout single.

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Man on the Moon

The track was part of the mix-tape and was also released in the debut studio record Man on the Moon: Day's End.

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The record was rated as Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Cudi released the sequel to his original record, Man Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, in 2010.

There were only two songs from the record that did on music charts.

The album did better than the initial one, peaking at #3 on Billboard 200.

It was also certified Gold by RIAA. Kid Cudi released his highest rated Indicud in 2013, record. The album peaked at #2.

The record had three great awards who gained much prominence, "Immortal", "Girls" and " Just What I Am".


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Emile Haynie and Plain Pat

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Along with American record manufacturers Emile Haynie and Plain Pat, Kid Cudi in affiliation with Universal Motown and Kanye West's GOOD Music established their record label, Dream On in 2009. Guitar playing lessons were began by kid Cudi . Visa for Sri Lanka The rock band that shaped is called WZRD. The Dream On record label was dissolved in February 2011, following differences. Later in April 2011, Cudi announced he will be launching his own record label. Since he wished to focus on his own recording label in 2013, Cudi bid official farewell. Please have a look to our other colleagues website On this site you can safelly obtain for Australia Visa Online. Please note that our Partners are not owners of the websites.

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